What is ”Mikoshi 神輿”

Mikosi is a vehicle for God.
At Japanese festivals, residents carry Mikosi and walk around the town to pray for peace.


What is ”Koikuchi shirts”

Koikuchi shirt is a festival costume worn when carrying Mikoshi.
The meaning of “Koikuchi” is the mouth of a carp fish.
The name comes from the fact that the narrowing of the cuffs resembles the mouth of a carp fish.


Our mission

The history of Japanese festivals is long.
The oldest Mikoshi was made in 1228.

Many festival organizations have problems.
Participants of the festival do not gather.
The operating funds for the festival have run out.
And in some towns its history is over.
Furthermore, due to the influence of COVID-19, most of the festivals were canceled.

We work to spread the beautiful culture of Japan to the world.
We have a duty to pass on culture to the next generation.